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Garden Wedding Ceremony

Our Garden Wedding Ceremony site has two options for wedding ceremonies within the Garden.  It is over over 15,000 square feet of boxwood plants, ever green trees, lots of greenery, and Roses blooming in every direction!   It is modeled after old world European style formal Gardens.  At one end of the Garden Wedding Ceremony, you can get married in front of the 75 year old Magnolia Tree, on the other end, a large formal White Pergola, with a Chandelier as the backdrop.  Also, there are three GIANT centuries old Oak Trees towering over the Garden.  Some couples who get married by the LAKE, use the Formal Garden area for a cocktail hour, and of course photos.  You can use any as the perfect backdrop for your NC wedding.  Our Formal Garden Wedding Ceremony site is a great choice for your Triad Wedding!

Winston Salem Wedding Venue

North Carolina All Inclusive Wedding Venue: Formal Garden Wedding
Garden Wedding Chateau Vie, Wedding
Magnolia Tree Wedding, NC
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